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Can you finance a handicap equipped van?

We can’t do it through our application, as most dealers do not have this sort of inventory. However, we have a partner that may be able to help you. With their any dealer auto financing program, you can find the handicap equipped van to fit your specific…

Do i get to choose the dealership i want to go through? Am i going to be provided with a list of dealerships willing to finance me?

After you complete the auto financing application and been approved, you will be provided with one or more auto dealerships that is willing to finance you. You can then choose the car dealership right for you.

What are the interest rates for obtaining auto financing?

Interest rates vary based on a variety of factors, so we are unable to quote you an interest rate without more information about yourself. Some of the major factors that we consider are credit score, monthly income, length of employment, and location….

What are the minimum requirements for obtaining auto financing?

In order to obtain financing, you must meet the following requirements:

– $1500 minimum monthly income
– Must be 18 or older
– Employed at least 6 months
– At least 6 months at current residence

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