Bad Credit Auto Refinance

The following information applies to customers with a credit score under 660. If your score is above 660, and you would like to refinance your car, you can apply here.

  • What do you want to do?

    You need to decide the urgency of your financial situation. If you have time, the best option is to improve your score. If you need to lower your payments now, you can replace your car for a lower payment.

  • Improve Your Score

    It’s a good idea to get your score above 660. That seems to be the magic number that not only will get you approved quicker, it will get you the best rates available. If you keep taking on more debt with bad credit, it will get harder to dig out of your situation.

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  • Replace Your Car

    You won’t be able to refinance your car with a score below 660. We partner with 1000s of car dealers across the United States that will take your current car, and get you a new car and payment.

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