Car Refinance Companies

Car Refinance Companies

Car refinancing is one of the best ways to save money on your auto financing. By taking out another loan on your car, you can pay off your car loan quicker and at a lower APR, much like home refinancing. With interest rates decreasing, car refinancing has become very popular recently. People are fast realizing how they can save some serious cash through car refinancing and you can be one of these people.

The current financial situation pushes too many people into paying an APR that is too high for comfort. Car refinancing provides a relief in such situations as it helps lower the monthly car loan payments. There are many companies that offer car refinancing such as banks, credit unions and online lenders. When looking for car refinancing, keep in mind that your current lender will most probably NOT offer you a refinance. Almost no lender will refinance their own loan, so to get a car refinance, you will have to look for a lender other than your current one. As always, your credit score is ever important and affects your loan finance/refinance activities, probably more than you think.

Banks, credit unions and online refi (refinance) partners all compete to get your business and you must know how to choose the best option.


Banks offer car refinancing as a means to combat competition from credit unions and car dealers. This is great news for the person looking to refinance his/her auto loan. The financial dexterity of banks means you have more quality refinance options to choose from when hunting for the perfect auto refinance loan. Although banks are a safe option because of their trustworthiness, you will not get the best refinance rates from them. Getting your car refinanced from a bank is a relatively convenient option but the bank charges you for this convenience with its higher pricing.

Credit Unions

Credit unions have become a popular alternative to banks. Recently it has become quite simple to join a credit union and reap its benefits. Overall, the unions offer more competitive rates than banks. However credit unions cannot help you with auto refinance if you don