I have current autofinancing and I want to refinance. My credit score is around 530. Can u help?Thanks,Reza

Yes, I can help you.  For your situation, I would suggest visiting our partner.  They do not have a specific credit score requirement.  Their basic requirements are

- You and/or co-qualifier must be at least 18 years of age.
- Minimum income of $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year.
- Time at residence, last 2 locations greater than 6 months.
- Time at job, last 2 employers greater than 6 months.
- No open bankruptcies.
- Valid social security number.

Once you complete the application, they will send you up to 4 refinancing quotes.

<a href="/auto-refinance/">Apply for an Auto Refinancing Now</a>