I was referred to your site while researching voluntary reposession. Do you offer financing/refinancing to avoid this type situation. I have been ill and off work, have fallen behind in my payments, but expect to return to work and have my income restored. I am 31 days/2 payments behind at this point in time.

Your best option would be to talk with the lender and explain your situation. If you think you will still be unable to keep up with payments, then a voluntary repossession could be an option. This will save you some money if they are coming to repossess the vehicle. State laws vary, but you will likely be responsible for whatever the difference between what they sell the car for, and what you still owe. As for getting a loan for that, unfortunately, it’s not something we can find for you. If you owe the lender some money after they sell the car, you should work with them on a payment plan. Good luck.