Auto Financing Calculators

Auto Loan Payment Calculator

The Auto Loan Calculator takes in the amount you want to borrow, the anticipated interest rate, how many years for the loan, and the payment interval. It will provide you the amount the payment would be, and also allows you to view the amortization schedule.


Auto Payment Comparison Calculator

The Auto Payment Comparison Calculator will compare your monthly payments based on the most standard loan terms (12 months to 72 months). This will allow you to see where the monthly payment you want to make compares across all terms.


Car Affordability Calculator

The Car Affordability Calculator will help you decide how expensive of a car you can reasonably purchase. It takes in your down payment, amount you want to pay each month, the rate you think you’ll get, term of the loan, value of a trade in, and any cash rebates. This will provide you the most car you can afford, and the loan you’ll need.


Auto Loan Vs. Home Equity Loan Calculator

If you own your home, it’s sometimes a better idea to use a home equity loan rather than getting an auto loan. It compares a number of factors related to each loan, and then will compare the 2 different loan types, showing you the different in payment, interest, tax savings, and the overall net cost.


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  • How to determine the car loan interest
    • The car loan interest involved in your vehicle financing is where the lenders get their profit from the amount you borrowed from them.