Simplified guide in calculating the car loan cost using Excel

Calculating the car loan cost by using an ordinary calculator can be difficult and time consuming. In addition to this, you might obtain an in accurate result due to unavoidable error. However, you can calculate the cost of a car loan by using Microsoft Excel. The use of Microsoft Excel can make the calculation easier. Read More

How to conduct a car loan repayment calculation

Calculating the car loan repayment is important before going out to shop for a brand new or used car. By doing this, you would increase the chances of getting the best deal from everything that is offered by dealerships. In addition to this, calculating the repayment amounts of the loan would allow you to determine Read More

Simple steps in calculating the monthly car loan payments

When you decide to purchase a car, it is important for you to determine the monthly car loan payments. You only need to review the loan

Useful steps in calculating car benefit

Companies try to provide cars for their employees to be used for work-related activities and these are considered as car benefit. Most of these companies also allow their employees to keep their cars even on holidays and outside the work hours. Given this situation, it is expected that employees would use the cars for personal Read More

How to calculate new car loan rates

Calculating new car loan rates is most of the time difficult because there are many factors involved in it. Knowing the exact amount needed for the repayment of the vehicle is also difficult.

Useful steps to calculate interest of an Auto loan

You need to calculate the interest of an auto loan in order determine whether you pay more on the interest or not. This is important since even a cheap car could eventually cost more in case you failed to choose a loan with an affordable interest rate tied to it.

How to determine the car loan interest

The car loan interest involved in your vehicle financing is where the lenders get their profit from the amount you borrowed from them.