GMAC Auto Financing

GMAC auto financing is a popular option for many new and used car buyers. GM car dealerships dominate the automobile buying landscape so financing your car through their financing arm, GMAC Financial Services, makes the car-buying process much simpler, especially for those buying a GM vehicle.

Another way GMAC auto financing is easier is its GMAC Direct Pay, which is its version of a simple, easy-to-use payment plan option. Each month your car payment is automatically debited from your checking or savings account and transferred to your GMAC auto financing account. You can set up all the details of the payment plan while buying a vehicle at a GM dealership. This convenient option is becoming more and more popular as more and more Americans choose to make their car payments online.

GMAC also offers non-traditional plan such as leasing:

• SmartLease is a GMAC plan where you determine a percentage or portion of the car of that you will use during the contract period. You pay for the agreed upon portion as a percentage of the price of the car in addition to a rent charge, taxes and fees.
• SmartLease Plus offers the same deal as the SmartLease in addition to not having monthly payments.
• SmartBuy is a combination of a lease with traditional car financing. You have low monthly payments and then at the end of the payment term period you must pay a one-time balloon payment.

Buying a car from GM dealer and then obtaining GMAC auto financing can take many of the headaches out of buying a car. One-stop shopping with little hassle is what consumers want and GMAC auto financing comes through.

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Note: GMAC was purchased by Ally.