Credit Resources

Improve your credit so that you can get a loan, or get a better rate.

Rebuilding Credit

There are circumstances that hit us in the face sometimes and the only solution is bankruptcy. But what happens if your car is ready for the car graveyard and there is now no credit for you to show a lender? Some Lenders Are Willing to Take the Risk Well this is where a car finance Read More

Set Your Financial Game Plan

It seems an intimidating position to put oneself in when it comes time to sit in that dealerships office. So, it is important to be prepared and know everything you need to know about financing, the car itself, the price, insurance etc etc. Knowledge should be your game plan! There is something called the Auto Read More

What’s My FICO Score?

Your FICO score is an important indicator of your credit. Lenders look at this number to know what kind of rate they can offer.

How will this application impact my Credit Score?

Many people are concerned about filling out too many applications because they think it will hurt their credit. That isn’t the case though.

Free Credit Score and Report

Your credit is one of the most important factors in determining the APR on your loan. It is important for you to know what dealers are looking at related to your credit and score.