I am self employed and have a credit score of 560. I have a truck that has 114,000 miles on it and is paid off completely. I have been turned down for financing from other institutions in that my after tax net taxable income reflected on my tax returns is too low to meet ratio requirements. I do have 12 months worth of personal bank statements that show my deposits to be approx. $10,000 a month. I am looking to attain a loan of approx. $8,000 and the blue book value of my car is approx. $10,000. I also have 1099's from 2007 showing $110,000 in income. Can your company help me with this request?

Based on what you described, it doesn’t seem like you should have a hard time with this, though it’s hard for me to say for sure. Some lenders might not spend the time looking at your accompanying documents to validate your financial situation, which could be why you are having a hard time. We try our best to place every application that comes in with a lender willing to provide the financing requested.