Car Title Loans

If you need money fast you can get a car title loan. However, there are many requirements you must have in order to obtain car title loans.

In order for you to be eligible for car title loans it is important to have a clear title on your car. You cannot have any liens and you must be the sole owner of your car. If anyone else owns the vehicle with you then you will not be eligible for a loan. If you do not have clear title on your car, you may want to consider a cash advance auto loan.

Car title loans are only good for the value of the car. If you need $3000 and your car is only worth $1250 you will only be eligible to receive $1250. You cannot get more money than the value of your vehicle. This is for protection of the loan agency.

If you are in an emergency the best type of loan you can get is a car title loan. These types of loans are approved almost instantly and you can have the cash in your hand as quickly as 24 hours. The payments on these loans have a quick payoff period up to 30 days. This is important to keep in mind. If you cannot pay the loan back this quickly you could lose your vehicle. Be sure you will be in a position to pay the loan back in a couple of weeks.

Some car title loans allow you to extend the repayment period if you are in a position where you cannot repay the loan. If you have to carry the loan forward the interest rate will increase substantially which will result in you paying a significant amount of money back for the loan.

Car title loans generally require that the vehicle be 8 years old or newer.

There are many things to consider when you have an emergency and need to get money quickly. You can qualify for car title loans but they have to be repaid quickly, you can only get the value of the car, and you must have a clear title.

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