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Ways to get out of an expensive car loan

There are several reasons why some vehicle owners find ways to get out of expensive car loans. One of these reasons is sudden unemployment or losing a source of income. This situation makes payment for a car loan less manageable. When this situation happens to you, there are several ways to give up an expensive car loan to minimize personal expenses.

1. Refinance the vehicle

One way to get out of an expensive car loan is by refinancing it. This could be done by getting a loan from a second lender in order to pay for the first loan

Auto Refinancing

If you’re looking to lower your interest rate along with your car payment, you aren’t alone. Many people can refinance and save an average of $60 a month off of their car payments. Your options will depend on your current situation. We can help.

Do you know your credit score? This is the key to refinancing, as it will determine what options you have.

How Auto Refinancing Works

Good Credit Refinance Bad Credit Refinance
(credit score better than 600) (credit score worse than 600)
– Mileage < 75,000
– Car is 6 years old or newer
– At least $2000 a month in income

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1. Improve your credit score.

2. Trade in your existing car for a car that the dealer can get you a better rate, and lower payment on.

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