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Set Your Financial Game Plan

It seems an intimidating position to put oneself in when it comes time to sit in that dealerships office. So, it is important to be prepared and know everything you need to know about financing, the car itself, the price, insurance etc etc.

Knowledge should be your game plan!

There is something called the Auto Financing Cheat Sheet a PDF file that you can download here

You can print it out and take it along with you to the dealership.

You most likely have some idea already of the type of car you want and if you research what that one is selling for, you won`t be paying more than you should for it. Find out the MSRP price and the invoice price.

Additional Costs


How to obtain cheap car loan rates

Individuals who want to buy cars are always searching for cheap car loans. This is because a cheap car loan allows you to end up paying lesser amounts for the vehicle. Due to this, the savings could turn into a greater amount of money after several years. However, getting a cheap car loan depends on several factors. These auto loans rates are sometimes difficult to find, but there are certain procedures that could help you find one. Some of these procedures include the following:

Step 1: Know your credit rating

Always bear in mind that your credit rating has something to do with the loan rates you obtain. This simply means that when your credit rating is higher, it would be easier for you to obtain a cheap car loan. In order to know your credit rating, obtain a copy of your credit record from one of the three agencies handling it.
Look at the items included in the report and make some queries on items that you think are not correct. You need to do this before applying for a car loan for this allows an ample time to correct the problems in your credit report. Also make sure you have no other loans that are considered overdue. As soon as you know that your credit report is in order, you can now start looking for a cheap car loan rate.

Step 2: Do an extensive research

Before doing your search, make sure to arm yourself with some important facts. Figure out how much you are willing to spend and how much down payment you can afford. In case you don