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How to obtain the best rate from cheap used car loans

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Before you decide on applying for cheap used car loans it is important to conduct an extensive research first. This allows you to find the best rates offered by lenders and at the same time avoid getting a loan that would cause you to spend more than what is necessary. In order to obtain the best rate for this type of loan, you need to conduct some useful steps in doing the research such as the following:

1. Check your credit score

Your credit score is one of the most important factors affecting the interest rate placed on loans that you might qualify. In this case, you need to check your current credit score by requesting a copy of your credit record from one of the credit reporting credit agencies. Knowing your credit score helps you identify the loan types and the interest rates that you would qualify. In addition to this, knowing your score would also help you negotiate with lenders.

2. Shop for the best loans offered

After knowing your credit score and the types of loan that you would qualify, start shopping for lenders that are willing to offer the best loan rate for a used car purchase. You can use the internet to obtain different loan quotes. You can use reputable websites such as to do this. Compare the loan quotes from different lenders and make a short list of the most affordable offers.

3. Obtain quotes from banks and credit unions

You can also extend your search by requesting quotes for used car loans from banks and credit unions. These lending institutions might offer more competitive rates compared to those offered by online lenders. Take note of the interest rates that they offer and select those that are affordable. Include these rates on the shortlist and make a comparison.

4. Choose the best used car loan rate

After doing the comparison, choose the best rate from what is available. Always bear in mind that you need to look upon the interest rate and the loan term in choosing the best offer. It is not always enough that you make your choice based on the monthly payments since there is a possibility that you would be getting lower monthly premiums but paying more of the loan interest.