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How Auto Refinancing Works

Similar to a Home Refinance, an Auto Refinance will lower your rate, and lower your payments. Many people will also use an Auto Refinance to change the ownership of the car. There are many reasons for doing a refinance.

– You’ve improved your credit, and think you deserve a lower rate.
– You didn’t do your homework and got stuck in a bad loan.
– You want to take advantage of the lower lending rates.
– You want to change the names on the lien.

– You want to lower your payments, or extend the length of your loan

If any of the above explain your situation, you would be a likely candidate for an Auto Refinance.

How Refinancing Works

1. You should first contact your current auto lender to determine what your payoff amount is.

2. Fill out our Auto Refinance Application

3. If approved, you will get a loan packet, along with a check that would be sent to your current lender to pay off the existing car loan.

4. You will then begin to make the lower payments to the new lender.

Apply for Auto Refinancing