4 Steps to Clear a Lien on a Car Loan

A clear lien proves that you don’t owe money from lenders on a car loan. It means that you are free from the burden of paying the monthly repayments. You can now sell the vehicle.

A clear lien is obtained when you pay off the car balance. To obtain a clear lien on your car loan, follow the four steps indicated here.

Step 1: Obtain a Copy of Your Credit Report
You can get a copy of your credit report from the three major credit agencies which include TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. You can easily get the report by calling them and paying the postage fee so that they can send you a copy. The credit report will tell you a lot of financial things as well as your car loan’s information.

The credit report also lets you see the amount you still owe for the loan. It also states how many times your payment were paid earlier or later than the deadline. Knowing how much you still owe for the car will help you in preparing the money to pay it off.

Step 2: Raise Funds for the Pay Off

In order to pay the remaining amount you owe, you need to raise the money to completely pay it off. You can use your personal savings to pay for it. If you don’t have that one, you can sell some of the things that you don’t usually use. This will be beneficial on your part since clearing your lien will give you savings from not paying the loan interest.

Step 3: Contact Your Lien Holder

As soon as you have the needed amount contact the loan company. Tell them that you want to pay off the loan. Ask them how much you owe and inform them about the time when you will be able to clear the lien. This allows the lien holder to calculate the figures you need to pay up to pay off date.
The amount for the pay-off is basically lower than the figures indicated in the credit report. This is because their computation is based on the full term of the loan. The pay off amount is lower because it is free from accrued interest. Schedule the pay off on a date when you have the money you need.

Step 4: The Pay Off

The pay off has an expiration. Make sure to pay the exact amount on or before the pay off date. After the payment, secure the release of lien from the company. This is a piece of document that proves you paid the loan off. Take this to the Department of Motor Vehicle in your area. Request them to remove the lien from the title of your car. After accomplishing this, you now have a clear lien.